Trends side by side with technology

nineteen ninety
Illustration of three Suvinil paint cans, side by side, in blue, yellow and red.
Logo Tintas Suvinil, 90s.
Logo Suvinil, 90s.
Trends side by side with technology
More than following trends, we were (and are) responsible for creating them and this was only
possible because we always follow technology closely.
We launched Suvinil Selfcolor, a revolutionary system capable of reaching the exact shade of
paint that the customer wants, opening up a world of possibilities. Quite a feat for the time.
New products and a new image
If you think the world is getting faster, you’re right!
New technologies and processes have allowed Suvinil to launch at least one new product every
year since 1997.
It was in that year that Suvinil Toque de Seda was created, which brought a touch of
sophistication to the environments and, even today, is part of our portfolio.
After so many advances, it was necessary to renovate our own facade. We adopted a new logo
to express our commitment to innovation.